Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going shopping? Take the Ferrari.

I can't really imagine ever owning a Ferrari, but I've fantasized about driving one. However my driving fantasies don't include driving to the Ralph's on Foothill. I suppose if you own a Ferrari you can take it wherever you want, but I think I'd probably use the Porsche Cayenne for shopping... or maybe the Land Rover, just in case there was a flash flood and I needed to ford an arroyo...


  1. Yes, but what would you take to the bank or post office? Or to the doc for an annual checkup, for that matter?

  2. The bank is easy - take the Bentley. The post office - the Land Rover's probably OK. To the doctor, a sportscar, the 911 or the 'Vette.

  3. Taking the Ferrari to Ralph's is so SoCal. On the East coast it would definitely be the bling-ed hummer with spinning wheelcaps.